Day: February 2, 2024

Best Playground Markings UKBest Playground Markings UK

Vibrant and Safe Playground Designs are an essential element of any playground, boosting the development of physical, social and cognitive skills. They can be installed on any tarmac surface and are non-slip (though care should be taken in wet or icy conditions).

Rhino Play’s colourful range of playground markings are made from thermoplastic, making them durable, long-lasting, and safe for children to use. Their designs are also weather-resistant, ensuring they’ll stay bright and visible even in rainy weather. Their markings can help to create dedicated spaces for sports like football, tennis or basketball, encouraging kids to stay active during break time.

Playground Perfection: Exploring the Best Markings for UK Schools

School playground markings offer a range of educational benefits, helping to teach children and reinforce classroom-based learning in fun ways. They can aid childhood dexterity through classic games like hopscotch and four square, as well as supporting literacy and numeracy skills with numbered grids and alphabet lines. These can also be combined with fitness and exercise markers, such as running tracks or fitness circles.

Uniplay offers a variety of playground markings that are great for developing children and transforming playgrounds. They specialise in creating bespoke markings that work with each client and their ethos. Uniplay also offers a huge range of board game markings that can be used in varying ways, from standard snakes and ladders to Ludo, allowing children to interact and engage with each other while staying active and social. They also have a wide range of mile track markings, which can be used to encourage a range of different activities at schools and increase overall physical activity levels.