Advantages and Disadvantages of VOIP Phone Systems

Advantages and Disadvantages of VOIP Phone Systems

As it turns out, there VOIP lease really are quite a few potential advantages to switching to a VoIP phone system. The biggest business advantages of a VoIP phone system include: low cost-per-call. When a business switches over to an integrated VoIP solution, the organization’s overhead is greatly reduced since there’s no longer a need to buy office phones and the equipment required to maintain those phones. It also lowers call costs, since a single person in the call center won’t have to pay for office phone minutes or phone maintenance – all of which adds up to lowered phone costs. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, in this age of transparency and accountability businesses that are able to properly track VoIP call related expenses can greatly reduce unnecessary expenses.


But, when one reviews the advantages of VOIP phone systems and how they compare to conventional phone lines, there are still some major catches that businesses find themselves relying upon quite heavily. Among the biggest problems that businesses find with VOIP phone systems is the fact that they aren’t as reliable. While it may sound like common sense, there’s really no way to completely guarantee that your phone line will be consistently full or even will work during peak hours. Businesses and other organizations rely upon their telephone lines being available and reliable to make crucial business decisions and communicate with key clients and colleagues. When those telephone lines go down, so does the ability to contact key individuals within the organization.


In addition to these potential setbacks, VOIP phone systems also tend to be expensive to set up and implement. The fact that there are multiple types of VOIP services and systems available means that organizations and businesses have to choose the right one according to their needs and budget. Most VOIP systems and services provide a simple, easy to use interface with a wide variety of features that businesses can integrate into their existing telephone infrastructure, but it can still take a while to get the system set up and running for the first time, and that’s before the system itself starts to deliver high quality phone calls. That’s why it’s very important that organizations and businesses have a good working Internet connection and cordless phones that they can rely on.

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