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Things to Do in New Hope PAThings to Do in New Hope PA

New Hope PA, a modest town in east Pennsylvania, has been settled by many German immigrants who settled there during and after World War II. They brought with them arts, crafts, history and a sense of community that have lasted to this day. Today, there are many things to do in New Hope PA including hiking, biking, swimming, bird watching, visiting the Amish Country, shopping and a host of festivals throughout the year.

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New Hope is also home to the American Historical Association, which conducts several events throughout the year. Visiting Amish communities is one way to get to know the people who live there and see what life was like before the modern conveniences were installed. Many of the townsfolk have never left their homes and they have very little to do other than eat, sleep and do jobs. For this reason, the town draws a large number of visitors who enjoy the quaint atmosphere as well as all the things to do in New Hope.

Visiting the various museums in New Hope ensures that you will have a chance to see some of the items that were brought to this area by German immigrants during the period of the Great Depression. There are many historical museums as well as art galleries in New Hope PA. If you are interested in seeing the Amish crafts, you should visit the annual Mennonite Art Festival. This festival brings hundreds of people to the small Pennsylvania town each year to celebrate the rich Amish culture. Birdwatching is another popular activity in the area as many birds find the area rich in nesting grounds and resources for food and survival.