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EB1 B Info

The eb1 b info category of permanent employment-based immigration visa is reserved for professors and researchers who are recognized internationally as outstanding in their academic fields. USCIS has a strict set of governing criteria that both employees and employers must satisfy to qualify for this immigrant visa. The main requirements are that employees have a qualifying offer of a research-oriented position with a university or private company, and have at least three years of teaching or research experience.

In the case of a private employer, the job must be a tenured or tenure track research position with documented accomplishments, and employ at least three full-time researchers. Private companies must also demonstrate that the research activities of their department, division or institute are comparable to those of a university or educational institution. Since universities typically grant tenure to their faculty members, a job position that includes the expectation of continued employment can be considered for eb1b purposes.

Elite Immigrant Status: Decoding the EB-1B Visa Information

Unlike other immigrant categories, EB1b does not require a labor certification application through the Department of Labor. For this reason, it is a more expedited process to obtain permanent residency for qualified professors and researchers.

If you are interested in the eb1 b visa process, contact the High-Skilled Immigration Team at Ellis Porter today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced immigration attorneys. We will be able to advise you of the best filing strategy for your specific circumstances and help you collect the required evidence and documentation for your petition.

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