Eye Exam

An eye exam is a series of visual tests done to judge the ability and vision to focus and discern objects clearly from a distance. It also contains several other visual tests and exams pertaining to your eyesight. Eye exams are mainly performed by either an ophthalmologist optometrist, optician, or an ophthalmologist. This type of professional is trained in order to diagnose various eye conditions, like myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia, and astigmatism among others. They also train their patients in how to perform certain eye exercises in order to maintain eye health.

eye exam

Meet the Optometrist – Eye Four Eye FAMILY OPTOMETRY

The process of an eye exam usually begins with the use of a standard eye exam kit which consists of eye exams manual, eyeglass and contact lens prescription and visual field tests. During an eye exam, the doctor will be able to check for anything unusual about your eyes that might cause discomfort or visual field loss. Some of these factors include the following: irregular shape of your pupils, raised eyelids, extra skin around the eye, increased eye muscle activity, increased sensitivity to light, decreased peripheral vision, reduced contrast, decreased acuity, and decreased visual field. Once these factors have been detected, they will discuss it with you and ask you to do a series of eye exercises in order to correct the problem. However, it should be noted that if you suffer from any of these conditions, you should always seek the help of an eye doctor near you instead of trying to fix the issue yourself.

Once you have undergone an eye exam, your eye doctor will then discuss with you the steps required in order to take corrective measures in order to correct the problems. First, he/she will show you visual field tests which will look inside your eyes and evaluate the amount of light that can be seen. The eye doctor will then determine if you have any of these conditions: impaired peripheral vision, reduced contrast, reduced acuity, diminished visual field, and decreased acuity. Based on the results of the visual field tests, corrective measures such as drops and other forms of treatment will be prescribed. However, it should be noted that these corrective measures should only be used under the supervision of an eye doctor and should not be done at home.

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