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How to Tell a Crane From a Heron

Crane vs heron are similar-looking birds that are often confused for one another, especially when they’re not airborne. Luckily, there are some easy clues that can help birders separate these two species.

For starters, cranes are generally taller and more graceful in their posture than herons. The physical difference becomes even more pronounced when the birds are in flight. Cranes hold their necks erect when flying, while herons curve their necks into an ‘S’ shape.

Feathers and Flight: Navigating the World of Cranes and Herons

The shape of the heads and beaks is also important in distinguishing cranes from herons. Herons typically have longer, dagger-like bills that are well-suited to spearing fish—their primary prey. Cranes, on the other hand, have shorter and more robust bills. The size of the feet is also useful in separating herons from cranes. Herons have longer legs that are proportionally larger than their body size, which makes them ideal for wading in wetlands. Cranes, on the other hand, tend to have shorter legs that are proportionally smaller than their bodies.

The behavior and social structure of herons and cranes can also provide helpful clues. Herons are primarily solitary creatures, while cranes are more gregarious. Cranes typically flock together and hunt as a group, and they have complex mating and territorial rituals. In contrast, herons are largely solitary and rarely gather in groups, but they do form close-knit family units within their mated pairs. Their calls differ as well, with herons producing guttural sounds while cranes produce more resonant trumpeting calls.

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