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Spray Foam Insulation Types

Spray foam insulation insulation is a highly efficient and effective way to increase your home’s energy efficiency. The insulation helps to stop air leakage that can waste up to 50 percent of your home’s heating and cooling performance. However, there are several things to consider when selecting the type of spray foam insulation that is right for your home.

Different types of spray foam are used for different purposes, and it is important to use the correct type of insulation for your project. The three main types of spray foam insulation are closed cell, open cell, and polyisocyanurate (polyiso). Each type has its own unique advantages and is best suited for specific applications.

The Art and Science of Spray Foam Insulation: Transforming Homes for Maximum Comfort”

Closed cell spray foam is typically used in exterior walls and attics. It provides excellent insulation coverage and helps to deter moisture, mold, pests, and other problems. It also has a high R value that reduces heat flow and can help to lower your energy bills.

Open cell spray foam offers better sound attenuation, allowing it to muffle sounds and reduce their impact. It is also less expensive than closed cell insulation.

Polyisocyanurate spray foam is ideal for insulating and sealing air gaps and cracks around windows, doors, and electrical outlets in new construction or existing homes. It is also used in rim joists, attics, and crawl spaces. It has a high R value and resists water, mold, fungus, and pests. It is a green building product that does not lose its insulating properties over time and will last as long as your building can.

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