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The Best Cold Press Juicer

best cold press juicer

When you want a UK Juicers that makes brightly colored and smoothly textured juices and requires minimal produce prep, the best cold press juicer is the Nama J2. This pricey, large machine has two sides—one with a system to grind your fruits and veggies into a superfine pulp, the other a 5,400-pound hydraulic press to extract every last drop of juice. In our recent Lab tests, it produced apple, kale, and carrot juice with zero sediments and very little foam or bone-dry pulp. The only downside is that it has a smaller juicing capacity, so it’s better suited to single glasses of juice than whipping up a big batch for a crowd.

Juicing for Families: Choosing the Best Cold Press Juicer for Household Use

The Breville Juice Fountain XL is another excellent option that’s faster and more powerful than the standard model, blitzing through produce with alarming speed and force. It’s also quieter than most centrifugal juicers, and its hopper holds more than twice as much fruit and veggies. However, its blades are relatively sharp and it can be difficult to clean between uses without a long, involved process.

The Omega Juice Extraction and Nutrition Center is a workhorse that can do more than juice, with attachments to make pasta, nut milk, and even wheatgrass. It lags behind the Hurom in our tests for producing the most juice, but it’s more intuitive to use and easier to clean than the majority of slow juicers. Plus, it has a beautiful retro design that will look great on your counter.

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